About Us
About Us

We are one the biggest integrator of production systems for meat industry.

Along with dependent companies and cooperating firms we provide a whole range of services, machinery and equipment for meat plants in stage of design, construction and providing with equipment, modernization and ongoing production.

The basis of our Group is the biggest and the latest in the Middle and Eastern Europe factory producing machines and equipment – Metalbud-Nowicki situated in Rawa Mazowiecka.The worldwide well-known Italian filler producer – Risco supports our position on the market.

Direct participation in economical and technological transformations, which took place in the nineties in the Polish meat industry, adapting that meat industry to the severe UE requirements were the basis of a success. Nowadays we transfer that experience to the other countries developing meat processing by uniting the latest technology with the priceless advice and the exceptional attractive financial conditions. That allows more rapid refund of incurred investment expenditures and achievement of perfect-qualitatively and perfect-priced products adequately to expectations of transforming market.

Strongly developed structure of our Group in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (trade and service branch offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kiev, Brest and other) allows permanent contact with every client and flexible adaptation to their needs. Highly skilled local service equipped with indispensable tools and spare parts warehouse immediately reacts to all reports, offers also post-guarantee services. In order to assure the maximum of investors satisfaction, the assembly and the technological training are always included into extent of a standard supply of a machinery. But the biggest pride are: effectively working cutters, smoke houses, tumblers and the other machinery in hundreds meat plants in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Assortment is constantly enriched with elements necessary at a given stage of a company development, its confirmation is complex hygiene development – central washing systems, sanitary locks and washing devices for every containers.

All machines have certificates CE and ROSTEST. High quality of our machinery is proved by ISO certificates and numerous prizes received on international fairs. We constantly exhibit our machinery at fairs IFFA, POLAGRA, AgroProdMash, Belagro and many others.

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